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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why can't I just use a little cutting board?
A:  There is nothing stopping you.  Sure, your friends might make fun of you but hey, that's OK.


Q:  Why can't I just use a nasty piece of plywood set across a couple of sawhorses?
A:  Wood, due to its porosity, is not a great surface for food preparation.  Blood, fat, and various "juices" soak into the wood which soon turns into a bacterial ClubMed.  Plywood, and especially pressure treated plywood is even worse.  You get the bacterial marinade each time you use it plus a heaping serving of glues and various toxic chemicals. 


Q:  I just take my deer, feral hog, elk to the meat processor.  Why do I need a BIG Cutting Board at all?
A:  We used to do the same thing.  We'd kill a deer, gut it, skin it and take it directly to the processor.  AFTER we started butchering our own meat though, we noticed an improvement in taste and quality of  the meat.  Plus, it is nice knowing you are trimming out all of that excess "junk" you don't want to be feeding your family (connective tissue, fascia, silverskin, tendons, bone chips, bullet fragments, etc....)

Usually, we trim up the meat, clean up / freeze the backstraps and some choice roasts and take the trimmed bulk meat to the butcher to make hamburger and sausage.

Q:  How much is shipping?
A:  Shipping in the lower 48 United States is FREE.  Yes, FREE!!!  Why is that?  Well, few things stink more than buying something only to find out it costs more than you originally thought it would. 


Q:  What are the boards made out of?
A:  All cutting boards are made from HighDensity Polyethylene (HDPE) sourced from National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved manufacturers in the US.  These are the same quality boards and materials used in many industrial applications such as butcher shops, meat packing plants and restaurants.  The HPDE materials are NSF certified and FDA / USDA compliant .


Q:  Are these cutting boards made buy a bunch of under-paid, quasi-slave labor workers in some 3rd world country with open sewers running in the streets or do you employ actual Americans with good old fashioned MADE IN THE USA materials?
A: ALL products are made in the USA.  Yes, we could probably make these cheaper using inferior, questionable HDPE but (i) that would be wrong, (ii) the quality would suffer and (iii) we could not look ourselves in the eye and be proud about the products we are selling.

Q:  I live in East Krapistan.  Does FREE SHIPPING still apply to me?
A:  Sorry but only offers FREE SHIPPING in the lower 48 United States.  We will, however, be happy to ship you a cutting board anywhere in the rest of the world for $10,000(US).  (Seriously, filling out customs paperwork and shipping internationally is a pain so we just don't do it.)


Q:  Should I buy 2 boards?
A:  Yes. You can use the BIG BOARD when you have a big job and the BIG BOARD JUNIOR for smaller game..... OOOORRRRR you can give one to your friend, neighbor or brother-in-law who is always borrowing your board.

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